Tuesday, November 16, 2010

on my christmas wishlist- a little frosting ;)

By madewell- it's $52, but in line with the chunky vintage jewelry trend.


at the moment, you're best with a bold necklace or bracelet- earrings are somewhat less emphasized. they'll be back, though, so don't fret.

go for gold and large clear crystals. pearls are great for those who like to wear them- but anything chunky, gold-toned, and with a vintage flair is your best friend.

go for a mixed media air of punky elegance like the fenton fallon line jcrew is carrying if you really want to go for the gold. ;) (it sells out very quickly, though, so keep an eye on that site for new postings from that particular designer)

barefoot dreams

i have the feeling most of you are already aware, but the robes and blankets by barefoot dreams, while costly, are heaven. i mean, really, this knit fabric is as soft as it gets.

i gave my boyfriend a barefoot dreams robe years ago and it has held up, soft and strong.

just a friendly reminder with the holidays coming up- it's a perfect gift for a mom, grandma, friend with a blog... just kidding ;) (but seriously, mom, dad...?)

give a hug.

love me if you dare

a charming french film that will engross you so completely- you'll forget within minutes there are even subtitles. it's colorful and brilliantly directed, with a kind of whimsy that starkly contrasts this dark love story. it's upsettingly sweet and completely ironic. must rent- one of my favorites to the end :)

ps- she doesn't get hit by the train, this is a love story after all, though it does meet an interesting end...

pps- marion cotillard is such a unique, gorgeous creature, isn't she??

i'm game if you are... ;)

deal of the day

i find this one just completely charming and adorable. it mixes the day to nighttime glimmer trend with a hint of a tweed-style fabrication, which is everywhere this season. the contrast with the dark top creates a simple and chic appearance you could dress up or down- to go just about anywhere. in a word: versatile and completely on point. (well, yeah, that was a few words...)

OH YEAH..and it's $22.80

Crazy, right? This will sell out fast. Trust me.

Add a twisted metal chunky mixed media necklace, like the one seen on the model.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

deal of the day

A GREAT basic that can be dressed up or down and only $34!!


style me pretty

For all you lovely brides out there, here are two awesome wedding blogs with unique, original ideas for your big day!! Enjoy:



Yes, please!!!

Lets have more and more positive, healthy, beautiful women with real bodies in the media.

Christina Hendricks is Marilyn reincarnate- unapologetically voluptuous and the kind of role model that little girls SHOULD see slapped all over billboards across the country.

Yay! ;)

Monday, November 8, 2010

ride on

A good find :)

@ modcloth, $42.99

Lovely, flattering, and in theme with the vintage and lace trend. Plus, the eggplant color looks awesome on just about everyone.

original card sellers on etsy- so much better than that old hallmark



Having some formatting issues, the link next to the cards don't necessarily match the picture- but they're one of the three, and all sellers worth checking out!!

(this is, of course, just a sampling, so many great ones from these sellers- browse!)

a colorful happy birthday wish to reuse over and over

i have fallen in love with etsy seller katherinekiyoto. she has lovely, colorful banners that i just love buying custom for all of my friends! she can make "just married" banners in their wedding colors, just a favorite slogan, or you can buy one pre-made, like this happy birthday banner for only $5.50! it's durable, strung with heavy paper on binder twine, so simply store and re-use over and over for a cute and fun way to celebrate :) bonus: you're supporting an artist! yay! (tell her i recommended you- i would like to get a discount out of this ;)


note: it costs extra for custom- but she does a great job :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

japan to china

Go on Google Maps. Get directions from Japan to China. Look at step #43.

there are limits to the drugstore...

Let me be the first to say: you can get really great makeup at the drugstore. In fact, while I may spout off a million beauty tips, you'll never hear me say you couldn't get a version of the same thing at the drugstore. It won't be AS good, but there are darn good options at the drugstore, and anyone looking you in the face likely wouldn't know the difference.

The exception to this rule? EYESHADOW. There is no other pigment quite like MAC. So, if you need to, buy everything else at the drugstore, and splurge on your MAC eyeshadow. Urban decay does a pretty good job, particularly with their "Perversion" deep, true black, but for variety and incredible lasting shadows, you have to go with MAC.

My favorite MAC basic color, if I have to choose one, is TWINKS. It's a basic brown-ish color with a hint of violet. For an added boost, buy a MAC paint pot base for your eyeshadow, it makes a foundation on which your shadow will sit comfortably all day. In my opinion, it's better than Urban Decay's cult favorite equivalent, and will last you a million years. If you don't feel like buying that product, however, you can always just use some foundation on your lids before painting on your Twinks. ;) (twinks is not what's pictured above)

deal of the day

only $38...rock on.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

the black keys

if you don't already own "brothers" by the black keys, you'll recognize their music from just about every popular tv show on the air right now, from entourage to gossip girl. buy. this. album.

the absolute best you can get from voluspa (in my very humble opinion)

voluspa's japanese plum bloom. get it in this limited edition art deco tin, and you'll want them scattered all over your apartment.

the best part? you can get voluspa candles, like most things, on amazon for cheap(er)! i know most of us won't splurge on really nice candles for ourselves, but this is the perfect type of thing to add to your amazon wishlist for the holidays (or for Tuesday, because you kick ass and deserve to get Tuesday presents). ;)

it's been hard to get all of the really high quality wax out of my old tins, but i line them and use to store nick nacks.

Just because she's incredible and W did a breathtaking spread:


Mix with something not so glitzy (even a tee!), flats, pumps, just about anything! Not the cheapest at $89.99, but if you're in the mood to splurge, I have the feeling this would be one of your fashion forward basics that'll prove worth the investment!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Army trend. 'Cause green is pretty (geniuses choose green) and because those soldiers definitely had the Blu Moon Militant Jacket in mind when designing camouflage colors ;) Or not... but it's soft and pretty. Yay!


This is a fun site to look through options, but you can go on forever21 and find something cute and cheap. When in doubt, army green is what you should buy this season (or navy blue, but I already told you that, silly.)

a design blog for your ridiculously lovely apartment


if only i lived by myself...

I WOULD have this Urban Outfitters furniture....


It's a blue, blue planet


Yeah, it's costly, but so Malibu/LA chic and just... can I say mouthwatering without sounding creepy? Yeah, well, it is. At least check out their sales. It's worth fighting desperate housewives in malibu/santa monica/venice for the 70% off of EVERYTHING in the store! Get on their mailing list ASAP! (For you non-LA folks, the sale is online, too!)

Happy Tuesday!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

quote of the day

"I prefer an interesting vice to a virtue that bores."- Moliere

Sunday, October 31, 2010

paper, etc.

www.papayaart.com is your source for adorable cards, postcard tin sets, and wall art. their cards are colorful and whimsical- always great to keep stocked up on cards for every occasion!! i keep a box of cards at my desk at all times to always be ready for special occasions, and i have it filled with papaya postcards. these days email and e-cards are so prevalent, people love an old-fashioned mail greeting. :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

fun with photo editing

want to make a photo you love into something warhol-esque? how about converting it to charcoal, neon, or to appear as though from an era long past? you will have SO much fun playing with this FREE site!!


today's quote

"Boredom is the feeling that everything is a waste of time; serenity, that nothing is." -Thomas Szasz, author, professor of psychiatry (1920)

so MOD

www.modcloth.com is one of the best stores on the web for interesting, diverse, unique pieces at great prices. in spite of the funky name, they have posted some really incredible stuff- from staples to things you couldn't find anywhere else. tip: beware the short skirt, their buyers clearly have little sense of decency- nearly all dresses run short!! (see the reviews) otherwise, shop happy, be mod :)

deal of the day

lovely, classic, staple and interesting fabric= $22.80 @ F21:


how to feel less GILTy ;)

Online sample sales are bound to be your best friend- and you worst enemy. On the whole, I credit these AMAZING websites with getting me incredible deals that I have really never felt GILTy about. ;) Of course, with the clock ticking down and sizes selling out fast, you might find yourself addicted to the posting times (ex/ 8:00am in LA for Ruelala, and 9:00am in LA for GILT), however, you'll also find yourself with insanely gorgeous pieces you never thought you could otherwise afford- for about 70% off! Just the other day I was able to replace my favorite James jeans which were wearing through, at a third of the price. I have also found wedding gifts for friends that were on their registry for well below retail. I promise, you'll love me when you find an incredible deal. Also, check out GILT's sub websites, GILT city and Jetsetter, for deals around your city (like a brazilian blowout I bought at 60% off) and fabulous hotel stays around the country (Vegas, anyone?) ;)

ENJOY!!! And, oh, trust me, you will ;)



deal of the day

royal blue is the color of the season. don't be frightened, it's glitzy, but can be dressed down if you'd like. even toss a baggy tee or a grey wide neck sweatshirt over this $29 lovely piece. add booties and you're set.


happy birthday, jack!!

this boy didn't have the best life, but a few months ago we gave him a happy retirement here in malibu :) happy 8th birthday, jack!! adopting is AWESOME. (sh!! he's getting gourmet puppy bakery cookies and a new toy monkey for his big day.)

Shopbop and I have an unhealthy relationship

Okay, fine, yeah, www.shopbop.com is easily one of the best shopping sites out there. It's diverse, fashion forward, and absolutely stunning. It is, however, tempting, and aside from basics and staples, WELL beyond my price range. However, please drool, or otherwise, purchase your basics and staples. Either way, familiarize yourself with this site, if only to learn your favorite designers and their current lines. :)

girls who eat are sexy...

....just sayin'.

Have you made your Amazon wish list yet?

The holidays are coming up- have you made your Amazon wish list yet? You do realize, of course, that on Amazon, you can create a wish list for things from any site on the web? You simply create the wish list on Amazon, add an easy breezy tab to your toolbar that says "Add to wish list" and - TA-DA!!- you can click and add anything from ANY store to your wish list. Then your parents, siblings, kids, boyfriends, husbands, monkeys...can mark what they've bought to avoid duplicates. (No sneaking peeks at what you've gotten, you cheater.) Yay for getting what you want! Double yay for the people you love not wasting money on things you don't want!!

glam baking? but of course!!

the BEST recipes, adorable, original, lovely, what more can I say....

(shout out to Khoff- cake balls- YUM! this site has that and SO much more...)


shake shake shake, your bootie

BOOTIES. i'm just saying. why don't you have any yet? $22.50 at forever21- all colors- and, unlike H&M shoes, the forever21 kind will never let you down? (oh boy, that night in florence with one broken heel was FUN! xo chelle)

Forever21 FREE SHIPPING for the next 3 days with the code FRIENDS10- check out their aviators, too, while you're at it. Ranging at around $5, they are cute and look as nice as ray bans, but you can toss them in your bag without a care ;)

smooth skin, baby...smooth

hi!! my skin is not so perfect- but mac foundation is. go to mac, find your perfect color, and, trust me, it's worth the splurge. finish with loose translucent mineral powder (LOOSE, not pressed) from the drugstore, and you're set to go. tips: obviously, moisturize with your spf moisturizer first, always. also, i don't feel like foundation brushes are all that necessary, my finger tips work just fine. you may want to mix with a bit of your moisturizer so it's not too heavy, particularly on warm days. last and not least, ladies... make sure your color matches your skin, and please spread WELL all over, this includes down your neck and at your hairline. one must wipe any excess around the lips- it builds up, and then you have freaky flesh toned lips all day. didn't notice that? it's because you have them. (sigh- i know from experience). xo!!

this stuff is also available at nordstrom, etc., but go to a mac store to get matched with your perfect color: http://www.maccosmetics.com/product/shaded/158/1231/Studio-Fix-Fluid-SPF-15/index.tmpl

it's a fizzy life, after all, right?

oh my loves, let me tell you about fizzyartist on etsy. first off, why aren't you on ETSY yet? you're missing out- i'll make you realize that. second, fizzyartist is a gem. a real gem, kiddies. and she makes the most lovely handpainted custom wine glasses. wedding couple? sure! a friend who loves italy and indiana university? no problem! she will DELIGHT you, and at QUITE the bargain prices. i mean, a gorgeous custom gift like this for $30? i kick myself for sharing. tip: order WELL in advance- like a few months. she is currently expanding her shop and hopefully this wait time will soon come to an end!


Oh Lulu, how I love you!!


the clothes are cheap (this one around 30, i own and love)

the shoes a bit more, but unique, and worth a look

never regretted a buy- awesome site!!

some amazing editorial/fashion blogs, to inspire and delight:



the genesis of it all...

let me start by saying this: i want to do what i love. i want to contribute in my own silly, frivolous way. i want to care what no one thinks. i want to enjoy this short, sweet, ridiculously lovely life.